Cash Out Refinance

Appleton VA Cash Out Loans will enable you to pull equity out of your home up to 100% of your home’s value.

Many Qualified Veterans and Active Military personnel can utilize the Federal VA cash-out refinance program for your Wisconsin home. If you have equity in your home, there are several options to restructure your current home loan.  

Weather it is a need for additional cash to pay off other debts, improvements to your home, a vehicle purchase, pay tuition or use for any other lender-approved purpose, choosing a Federal VA home cash-out refinance is more than likely your best bet.

Here are some additional reasons our clients utilize this program:

  • Pay off other higher interest debts. Bring down your monthly obligations significantly, and transfer your debts to a lower interest, tax deductible option.
  • Finance a vacation. Have you been wanting to go on a nice vacation? You can finance it through your Appleton VA Cash Out Loan.
  • Invest. Pull out your equity and put it to work in higher-yield investments.
  • Start a business. Using your home equity to finance a new or existing business can be a low interest option to get you going.
  • Help your kids with college. Pull out the funds you need to help your kids get through college.

Qualifying criteria requires that you reside in the home and not be underwater. You can use up to 100% of your home's appraised value, plus a little extra if you necessary to make energy-efficiency improvements or pay the VA funding fee.

A great feature is that you can use this loan to refinance from a Conventional, FHA, or other non-VA home loan into a VA home loan.

A  COE - certificate of eligibility is required. By providing us with your DD214, we are more than happy to obtain this for you.

Our Wisconsin Home values continue to increase, enabling many to qualify in 2016, when prior attempts may have fallen short. The National and Wisconsin median home prices have reached a new heights in 2015 and continue their strong hold in the market. Now is a great time to look into your options. 

How do Appleton VA Cash Out Loans work?

The application process is similuar to most loan programs, but the standards are much more favorable. 

Once we have determined your eligibility, the process typically takes about 30 days. We will need to get your home appraised, and you can borrow up to 100% of the value as determined by the appraisal.

Wondering what your rate and payment will be? Use our no obligation Appleton VA Mortgage Rate quote and we will get you an answer fast. We are also standing by to serve you, and would be honored to do so. We believe in honest answers and straight talk, and will treat you with the respect you deserve!

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